Iowa 30th Summer Writing Festival

I was recently a participant at the 30th Iowa Summer Writing Festival in Iowa city, Iowa. I had an interest in writing and it was suggested by an important person in my life that I attend. I remained at the workshop for a week. Our instructor was Richard Thomas who taught Dark Fiction: Horror Writing, who is also the author of Tribulations, Disintegration, Breaker, Staring into The Abyss, Victimized, Transubstantiation, Herniated roots, and numerous works in other books such as The Soul Standard and Gutted: Beautiful Horror Stories. I’m sure I’m missing others, but Wow, pretty great!

Everyday we attended lectures, and class was from two P.M. to five P.M. We had various activities in the evening. For five days we were given writing assignments and homework. I was terrified of failure and couldn’t write a word. We were to read aloud in class ,our own story in our own writing. I just couldn’t pull it together. With support from classmates and my instructor, by the third day, I took a deep breath and just concentrated reading the words. It felt great. A huge obstacle overcome.

Richard Thomas also gave us a personal Q&A session about the craft, which was very informative. My classmates further encouraged me by their actions, they read at open mic night, to me such bravery. As well as the actions of my instructor receiving his MFA, which further encourages me to seek higher education. I had a fantastic experience and to the amazing people who touched my life that week, I just want to say thank you and I hope to see you next summer.

Iowa 30th Summer Writing Festival





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