Old Type Writer

I was thrift shopping a little bit today, and this piece of history caught my eye. This 1940’s Remington Rand model 10 noiseless typewriter  weighs give or take 30lbs. I dusted it off and wiped it down a little, ordered some ribbon, as it is still in working order.

Will I write a book or short story on it? Not today, but one day, maybe. I’d like to think one day when I’m older, that I might slowly and carefully ,methodically type those keys as to put my old thoughts still on paper. If I’m lucky to have cohesive thoughts, I think I might relish quiet reading and introspection then a bit of key tapping to purge whatever topic flows through my mind.

Maybe a love letter to the love of my life. Maybe caring sympathy for a friend whose grieving.Letters from a typewriter reach the depths of a heart as the keys pound out the expressions. The time it takes to type those heavy keys on a typewriter might seem silly., but I would rather read books than watch television. As Robert Frost wrote. “I took the one less traveled by, And that has made all the difference.


Photograph by Marcie Fraser


6 thoughts on “Old Type Writer

  1. What a great find! I love old typewriters. I have a 1950s Remington typewriter with the hard case. It’s fun to type on, but unfortunately, I can’t type as fast on that as I can on the computer since the keys end up jammed together.

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    • Hi Kelly,
      thanks! It’s just for fun at the moment, but I do love the idea of someday writing up some form of art, a story or bit of poetry perhaps. My keyes jammed up too as first but I dabbed a small bit of oil in some joints. I let it seap in and its much better. Though I’m sure some restorer would scoff.


  2. How awesome is that! One of the first stories I wrote as a kid, I typed on an old puke green typewriter. Don’t remember the model, but I do remember sitting on the floor, with the typewriter between my legs and typing out my story. I would never do that now and I had a table, but it never dawned on me to do it any other way.


    • Thank you! I love it… the time it would take me to write a book on it, i could write a book on it! Ha…. but its gorgeous and we got it running. Now how to become disciplined to sitting at the computer. A whole other story….


  3. Beautiful typewriter! I’ve been keeping my eyes open and hope to find one in the near future. I love that you quoted Robert Frost. I’d been searching for a book with his complete works and finally found one last year at a little, used bookstore while I was on vacation. I don’t know many of his poems yet, but had to memorize “Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening” in college. I can still recite it by heart…I love it!

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