Darkness Prompt/ Good Charlotte

Darkness prompt/ Good Charlotte

The home was her childhood home, where she lived with her Father and her Grandparents who since passed on. The mattress badly stained in various hues of brown, lay on the floor and toys and books were strewn about. She was hiding in the dark attic inside the closet in her upstairs bedroom.

Charlotte stood in the corner of the four by five pitch black room behind the door. She closed her eyes tight and made her self small.”I hadn’t eaten today.” She thought as she sucked her belly in.  She remained very quiet and her heartbeat was all she could hear. She tried to slow her breathing but the scratching of the squirrels making nests in the surrounding walls  made it hard for her to breathe.

She heard the creaking as he ascended up the stairs. “Charlotte!” Her Father spewed her name wrapped in poison. He kept calling out for her. He was getting closer. The hinges of the attic door opened slowly. He whispered softly, “Charlotte.” and she could smell the burning hot alcohol on his breath. Tears welled in her eyes and urine trickled down her leg.



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