Glass Prompt/ Do-Over


“Start with the person in the  mirror.” “Seek first to understand, than to be understood.”

I know there are different ways for different people all over the world, but if we can put understanding in our approach to dealing with people places or things, our reactions and responses would bring a gentler outcome.

In understanding we empower ourselves with the knowledge to better communicate and problem solve in a much more efficient and rational way. I know not everyone is going to take an understanding approach.

I know our world can be a scary and a violent place.If we keep our minds on our own business one moment at a time and look in the mirror and say, today, what can I do, say or respond  to start a chain reaction of good. Everyday, every moment, is a do-over. Start with a fresh slate and begin again. I can only hope it could begin with me.

Glass Prompt/ Do-Over





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