Desert Prompt/Treasure


I have never actually been to a desert. When I think of a Desert, many things come to mind, the dryness of the sweltering air, the hot sand beneath  calloused feet, the many people who  made their journeys along religious pilgrimages.

In the book “The Alchemist” by Paulo Coelho, A young Shepard finds him self on a trek across a desert to look for treasure. Along his journey he finds valuable lessons to be learned in order to achieve his goals. This book is a simple yet beautiful fable which carries  much  insight for your heart and mind. Its inspiring.

And all the universe will conspire to get you what you want. It won’t just appear, but if you work on your goals and aspirations, sooner or later, in one way or another ,your goals will present in life. If you find you really want something, you’ll cross the desert to get it ,and as you’re on the journey towards that achievement , there will be some hard choices to make,  but always keep on the path towards your treasure.

Desert Prompt/ Treasure


Glass Prompt/ Do-Over


“Start with the person in the  mirror.” “Seek first to understand, than to be understood.”

I know there are different ways for different people all over the world, but if we can put understanding in our approach to dealing with people places or things, our reactions and responses would bring a gentler outcome.

In understanding we empower ourselves with the knowledge to better communicate and problem solve in a much more efficient and rational way. I know not everyone is going to take an understanding approach.

I know our world can be a scary and a violent place.If we keep our minds on our own business one moment at a time and look in the mirror and say, today, what can I do, say or respond  to start a chain reaction of good. Everyday, every moment, is a do-over. Start with a fresh slate and begin again. I can only hope it could begin with me.

Glass Prompt/ Do-Over




False prompt/ Intentions

My Daddy handed me two shiny silver quarters in the checkout line. “Go get yourself some candy.” I ran to the candy machines and excitedly eyed over my choices.

The machines were a number of red lidded boxes with see through sides so you could peer in to see all the random treasures. I noticed another excited little girl bouncing next to me asking her mom for a quarter, but her mom didn’t have one.

She had the most beautiful braids held together by colorful barrettes. Her head looked like a bright sunny flower garden.

I reached my hand out and offered her one of my quarters.

We both stared those machines down focusing, as we only had so much time left to choose. I put my quarter in and we turned the knob together. I heard the clink of the plastic ball come down the shoot. I grabbed my plastic container and looked in, A fuzzy green worm on a plastic string! My new friend put her quarter in and we turned the knob together, she got an Oscar Meyer weenie whistle!

We laughed and played for the few more moments until my Daddy came barrelling by and grabbed my hand. As we got to the parking lot he stopped and took his hand  and firmly slapped the back of my head. You don’t give quarters to a Black girl! That moment I learned mindful right from wrong.   False / Intentions

Darkness Prompt/ Good Charlotte

Darkness prompt/ Good Charlotte

The home was her childhood home, where she lived with her Father and her Grandparents who since passed on. The mattress badly stained in various hues of brown, lay on the floor and toys and books were strewn about. She was hiding in the dark attic inside the closet in her upstairs bedroom.

Charlotte stood in the corner of the four by five pitch black room behind the door. She closed her eyes tight and made her self small.”I hadn’t eaten today.” She thought as she sucked her belly in.  She remained very quiet and her heartbeat was all she could hear. She tried to slow her breathing but the scratching of the squirrels making nests in the surrounding walls  made it hard for her to breathe.

She heard the creaking as he ascended up the stairs. “Charlotte!” Her Father spewed her name wrapped in poison. He kept calling out for her. He was getting closer. The hinges of the attic door opened slowly. He whispered softly, “Charlotte.” and she could smell the burning hot alcohol on his breath. Tears welled in her eyes and urine trickled down her leg.